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Jedi Training Academy - The Most Amazing Star Wars Birthday Party EVER!

I realize the title is a little self congratulatory, but those were the actual words out of my son's mouth "THE BEST MOST AMAZING PARTY EVER, MOM!!!"  So you can consider them more of a quote than a mom's bragging. 

My middle baby, Brandon, turned 7 a couple weeks ago.  He is Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Anakin, and Darth OBSESSED so naturally Star Wars was the theme he wanted for his birthday this year.  I went all out with the theme for him, but saying I went all out does NOT mean I broke the bank on this party.  I had been pinning like crazy to the Star Wars Party Board I made on Pinterest so I had no shortage of ideas of great ideas, some from others and some of my own.  I made a lot of the decorations, and used the plethora of Star Wars toys we had around the house for more decorations, made the invitations, jedi robes, lightsabers and all the food which, yes, aside from one infraction (sherbert) was all vegan.  This was an EPIC party and I can't wait to share all the details with you!!

*Disclaimer* this is a LONG post, it was a VERY labor intensive party I was EXHAUSTED after it was all said and done.  Grab a snack and a comfy chair and settle in, I'm ready to dish :)

First invites:
We have a LOT of family and friends that don't live anywhere near us so I always try to do an evite for all the parties for far away family and an actual physical invite for local and school friends.  The evite that I put together for this party was the best evite ever, in the history of evites!! Check it out:

Seriously cool right!?  Make your own here!

For the paper invites I made these:

They were crazy simple to make, just print on white paper and then glue onto black construction paper cut slightly larger.  Of course you could use cardstock and make them a little more "sturdy" but I didn't have enough black on hand and I had plenty of black construction paper.  I was totally happy with them the way they came out and Brandon thought they were the coolest invites ever, I even got compliments on them from several parents when they called to RSVP.   

All the invitations, ready to go out.  Between school, Scouts and neighborhood friends we sent out about 25 invites, and I think we ended up with around 12-15 kids.

Second Cupcakes:  In the week leading up to his party I was busy getting all the props and decorations ready and I made him 2 batches of these kick ass cupcakes, one to share with his class at school and one to share at Cub Scouts.

I played up the "Dark Side" vs. the "Light Side" by making Dark Side chocolate on chocolate cupcakes and sticking all of the Galactic Empire picks in them, and then Light Side white on white cupcakes and sticking all of the Rebel Alliance picks into them.  Then when we were passing them out in class or at Scouts I would ask in an ominous voice "Dark Side or Light Side, young padawan?"  It was a lot of fun and I was surprised at how many kids went over to The Dark Side but I think the yummy yummy smell of chocolate may have had something to do with that :)

 The cupcake liners and picks are available at Williams and Sonoma 

Third props: Thanks to this pin from Pinterest I got the great idea to make simple pool noodle lightsabers for each of the kids.  We made them with  noodles from the Dollar Store (you'll get two sabers from each noodle so .50 cents each!), duct and electrical tape.  Head on over here for the simple step-by-step instructions.  My husband actually made them all one night while he was watching a movie, thanks Babe!  After I took the photo I found a pink and a purple noodle so I had him make up a few girly ones for the girls.  They were fantastic, the kids LOVED them, they got to have lightsaber battles and whack the crap out of each other and no one got hurt!  All the kids got to choose the one they wanted (they were all different) and then keep it to take home after the party.

Each guest got a padawan/jedi robe.  I had grand plans to make some REALLY awesome Jedi robes for the kids like these but once I realized how many kids we were expecting and how little time I had, those plans were soooo out the window.  In fact, I got so busy with decorations and food that I almost totally forgot about the robes, I ran out to Joanne's the night before the party and bought enough fabric to make a simple parka style garment with a lighter colored strip of fabric as a belt.  It took about a yard and a half for each one.  The kids all thought they were great and they got to keep these to take home as well. 

 I made a Certificate of Completion for each of the kids to prove that they graduated from training academy and were full fledged Jedi now.  After we were done with training, I wrote their names and the date on the certificates.  So each guest took home a lightsaber, Jedi robe and Jedi Training Certificate of Completion. 

 Fourth Decorations:  

As guests arrived they were greeted by "Stormtrooper" guards on the walk outside.

Once at the door Darth Maul let guests know they were DEFINITELY in the right place!

We made a few planets from the Star Wars Universe out of balloons and homemade papermache and then spray painted them to look like:
We even strung a few ships up with fishing line to be flying around in "space" between the planets.

More decorations and the Star Wars Origami Station I set up as a quiet activity center. This was to keep kids busy while everyone arrived and also to serve as an area that kids could go to to catch their breath should they get a little too over excited at the party which happened a few times, it worked great!

I just printed out some of the simpler Star Wars Origami instructions here: and laid out paper and crayons. I just set out simple notebook paper instead of expensive origami paper, the kids didn't care at all and they were able to get more creative with their coloring (faces and features) on regular paper.

The Origami Station was inspired by the books by Tom Angleberger - The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, Darth Paper Strikes Back and the new one coming out this summer that we cannot wait for The Secret of the Fortune Wookie

If you have kids about my boys' ages (6-10ish) who love Star Wars and have to read for school or just love to read I HIGHLY recommend these books! They are engaging and hilarious!

That backdrop is just two cheap black tablecloths taped to the wall. They were .99 cents a piece and then I dotted on some white spray paint to make the stars. The whole thing took about 15 mins to make. The Star Wars logo was cut out of some yellow cardstock.  All of the decorations (aside from Darth Maul and the Happy Birthday banner) were handmade and low cost and it all came together amazingly, if I do say so myself! 

Darth Maul was the most expensive thing I bought for the party, he was $30 but Brandon LOVES him and he sure did allow us to get some AWESOME pics with the boys! Plus now he is being used as a decoration in his bedroom, and as a battering post for lightsaber battles.  He was $30 well spent!

This is how we kept the kids out of unauthorized areas, with so many kids and several areas in the house we didn't want kids in I thought this was the way to go

Next up Party Activities!
Station One:  Jedi Uniform, as the padawans arrived we suited them up!

Station Two:  Lightsaber training.  After the kids picked their weapons we lined them up for lightsaber training.  And then the Jedi Master (yours truly) ran them through all the lightsaber skills Jedi need to know.


Station Three:  Endurance.  We drew Stormtrooper faces on white balloons and then tied popsicle sticks in an X pattern to the bottom of the strings and fished them down through the gaps in the deck.  It worked out pretty well and looked really cool like an army of troopers, the wind tangled up the strings a few times but overall it was pretty cool and the kids had fun whacking them.
After everyone had their lightsaber skills we set them loose on the the Stormtrooper army.  The endurance test was to make it through the army, hit every one of the balloons as they ran a lap around the deck.    

Darth Vader (Daddy) made an appearance and challenged the padawans, once they had become Jedi he would return to fight them!

Defeated Stormtroopers fleeing from the young padawans!
Station Four:  Balance and Agility.  Jedi must be light on their feet!  This was the last challenge before they were awarded their Jedi Certificates.  For this challenge we strung a rope across the yard and tied a hula-hoop to it.  The padawans had to get a running start bounce off the trampoline, through the hoop and land on their feet.  Some of them had to do it a couple times but the kids surprised me and most of them were able to do it on their first try. 
The newly graduated JEDIs!

Vader showed his face again!!

The happiness on his face in this moment made every minute of the work I put into the party so worth it!

We took a photo with each guest posing with Darth Maul to be included with the thank you notes.  These are my two ferocious Jedi.  Birthday boy first, then his big brother, and baby sister as Princess Leia below that.

There were lightsaber battles going on all over the yard after the "official" activities had ended

Finally.... the FOOD
The Food... ah the food, I had sooo much fun with the food!!

We had:

Padawan Puffs: Popcorn
Ewok food: Pretzel sticks, animal crackers and cracker jacks
Vader veggies with Darth Dressing: Veggie platter with ranch
Han Solo in Carbonite - Han Solo action figure in jello!
Space Cake - Birthday Cake
Padme Pizza - Bagel Pizzas
Wookie Cookies - Chewbacca and chocolate chip cookies
Fett Fruit Salad - Fresh fruit salad
Bantha Blue Milk - Colored soy milk
Kenobi Ketchup
Mace Windu Mustard
Jedi Juice - Grape Soda frozen into ice cubes and then fruit punch poured over them
Droid Dogs - Mini Corndogs
Millennium Mac n Cheese - Macaroni and Cheese
Twin Twisters - Luke and Leia garlic bread twists
Yoda Soda - 7 up with Lime Sherbert *the sherbert was the ONLY thing served at the party that was not vegan, I was going to make homemade green soy ice cream but ran out of time and in a moment of desperation grabbed some sherbert :/

Han Solo in Carbonite!!

So I'm almost as wiped out telling you all about it as I was right after the actual party.  I didn't get much of a break though because I turned right around and planned my oldest's Beyblade Tournament Birthday Party.  The boys' birthday's are only 2 weeks apart, April/May are crazy time for me!  Be sure to check back in the future for all the details on that one.  In the meantime... MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU....

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  1. Looks like they had so much fun! Thanks for sharing your creative party at Happily Mother After!

  2. Awesome party-I think between my boys, we've had a 3 Star Wars parties here. It is just such a fun theme.

  3. So bummed...most of the photos aren't loading for me :( Sounds like it was EPIC!

    1. me either and this is the third computer I've tried on...I really wanted to see them b/c my husband and son are really into star wars!

  4. Sounds like an awesome party - unfortunately, most of your photographs have invalid URLs :-( which is a shame, as the ones that are showing are great! Love the post!

  5. Hi guys, so weird, not sure what happened to them :/ I will get it updated in the next day or two. Thanks for taking the time to let me know they were missing


  6. I think I fixed the pics. If you are still having trouble with them you can view the whole album here: on Facebook.

  7. Hi there, I am planning my son's Star Wars party and came upon your blog!! I love your ideas :) Can you please tell me how you made the jedi costumes? Thanks!!

  8. The jedi costumes are just a simple "poncho" type garment cut out of a 3x4 length of fabric with a strip of lighter cloth tied around the waist. New sewing :)

    1. hoping you can help with how you printed out your signs as well!

    2. Great party!! I am ready to start planning right now :-)
      Do you have a copy of the certificate?
      where did you buy Darth Maul?

  9. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Fantastic ideas!! I'm having so much fun planning my son's 8th birthday arty.

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  11. yes I too would love to know how you made the signs as I am wanting to do the same for my sons party!!!

  12. Thanks so much for posting your pictures and ideas! Looks like the kids had so much fun!

  13. Our sons must be about the same age because a year after these pics are dated, I have just successfully held our own star wars party for my 8 year old!! Thanks to you, a lot of cool ideas were a huge hit at our get together. we made the same light sabers...they turned out awesomely and were a "hit" at the party for boys and girls, young and older kids (except for one cranky and kept the kids entertained for hours and hours. We had our party at a park pavilion with a water spigot and the kids figured out how to fill them up and splash at one another! I made "asteroid" sponge balls (from a different pinterest post) and tossed some frisbee "flying saucers" in when there was a lull in the action, too! The kids brought the sabers to a play ground later in the day and role played galactic games and they went to the pool after the party was over!! We made dark side and jedi cupcakes too and a big sign using your wording..."eight years ago in a galaxy not so far away..." Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the inspiration and a truly great blog post!!!

  14. Honestly... you totally rock! Thank you for sharing all these amazing ideas. I am completely inspired and excited to implement many of these same ideas for my 7 year old's Star Wars party!

  15. Great party! Thanks for sharing all of your ideas, and especially the tip on the Star Wars crawler. Just used it for my son's invite, and it is SO cool!

  16. Great party!! I am ready to start planning right now :-)
    Do you have a copy of the certificate?
    where did you buy Darth Maul?

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